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Request for SW Approval

Eigen 3.0 and SLALIB

From:  	Tim Axelrod <>
Subject: 	Request for TCT approval of two external packages
Date: 	Sun, 1 May 2011 16:55:52 -0700

As a result of some improvements I've recently made to daymops, I'm now dependent on two external packages which are currently unapproved. I'm writing to seek TCT approval for their incorporation in the software stack.

The first of these is slalib. This is a standard positional astronomy library which I think we'll find helpful at a number of points in the stack. It has been static for a number of years, is written in Fortran, and is released under GPL. There is a C version, which I'm currently using, but its licensing is tricky, and I plan to switch to the Fortran.

The second is Eigen 3.0. As have other developers, I find Eigen a really nice package for doing linear algebra. Eigen 2.x is part of our current stack, but I need the SVD module, which is available only in version 3.0.