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Proposed Policy

UML Naming Policy for Collections


The LSST Domain is becoming less uniform in its naming.

For example:

  • Detection Set (previous Domain Model name);
  • Detection Collection (replacement Domain model name);
  • Detection List (transient in usecase)
  • Footprint Collection (not defined yet)
  • Footprint Set (usecase name)
  • Footprint List (usecase name)


DM adopts the convention that for the Domain Model

  • a "Collection" is an abstract collection of some kind of object.
  • a "Container" manages a Collection, and comes in a variety of forms, like set, list, vector.

This is exactly the STL approach and is familiar to the developers. This would mean, in general, that we should see xxxCollection in the Domain model, and almost never xxxSet or xxxList. That choice would be at the Logical Model level.

So, the Domain Model has Detection Collection. The Set and List should appear in the use case *only* if the specific properties of that kind of container are needed - otherwise it should be a Collection.