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OBSOLETE: This Working Group has been abolished by fiat of Jeff Kantor & Mario Juric 3/2014

Science Steering Team (SST)

The Data Management Science Steering Team (SST) is chaired by the Data Management System Scientist (currently Tim Axelrod). The SST is the DM-wide body that is charged with ensuring that the LSST science requirements are being met by the DM system. Included in this charge is:

  • Defining the process by which data quality will be assessed against requirements
  • Setting detailed data quality requirements, both for data challenges, and for the operational LSST DM system
  • Verifying that the data processing algorithms selected by the Applications team for inclusion in the DM system are capable of meeting those requirements
  • Overseeing the performance validation of the DM system with respect to the data quality requirements
  • Managing the process by which data from the DM system is released to the science community, and feedback from the community incorporated back into the DM system


  • DM Project Scientist (Tim Axelrod, chair)
  • Dick Shaw (NOAO)
  • Andy Connolly (UW)
  • Robert Lupton (Princeton)
  • Schuyler Van Dyk (IPAC)
  • Ray Plante (NCSA)

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