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Interfaces and Dependencies with other LSST Subsystems

Interface Requirements and ICDs

The authoritative representation of interface requirements and the technical content of ICDs in LSST is in the System Engineering SysML model (LSST_SysArch).

The division of that information into documents is defined by the master list of ICDs maintained by the Project Systems Engineer, Document-4725 (

The ones affecting DM are:

  • DM to Camera
  • DM to Telescope-and-Site
  • DM to EPO

Dependencies during LSST development

The System Architect is beginning to assemble a list of the sequencing of dependencies with other LSST subsystems during the R&D, construction, and integration/commissioning stages of the project.

In many cases the authoritative statements of these dependencies will be in the LSST project PMCS. Background to these will be recorded here.

Current topics of interest:

  • Early delivery of the Camera's "SDS client" library:
    • Use of prototypes of DM to record data from Camera test stands
    • Use of an SDS prototype or simulator to drive a DM prototype, e.g., the ISR pipeline
  • Interaction with prototypes of the OCS publish-and-subscribe telemetry system
  • Interaction with prototypes of the OCS Engineering and Facilities Database (EFD)