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As of May 1, 2014, all new SAT documentation and meeting notes are located at the LSST Confluence site:

System Architecture Team (SAT)

The Data Management System Architecture Team (SAT) is chaired by the Data Management System Architect (currently K-T Lim). The SAT is the DM-wide body that is charged with addressing issues of the overall requirements flowdown, architecture, and organization of the design of Data Management, both for the final LSST design and for the Data Challenges.

The designs and other high-level outputs of the SAT become part of the technical baselines for Data Management in the LSST project and for the Data Challenges. Approval and change control for these baselines are managed by the DM Technical Control Team (TCT).

The System Architecture Team also supports the System Architect's role in the systems engineering process, notably in the establishment and review of interface requirements and Interface Control Documents with the other LSST subsystems.

The System Architecture Team is the parent body of the standing and topical Working Groups within DM and may recommend the creation or reorganization of them as the project evolves.

The System Architecture Team is charged with carrying out detailed design reviews and code reviews during the Data Challenges and the final LSST development process.

The System Architecture Team endeavors to instill a productive and ethical engineering culture within DM.


  • DM System Architect (K-T Lim, SLAC)
  • DM Scientist (Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, SLAC)
  • DM Project Scientist (Mario Juric, LSST)
  • Integration and Test Lead (Robyn Allsman, LSST)
  • Algorithms and ImSim contact (Andy Connolly, UW)
  • Applications Framework and Interfaces Lead (Robert Lupton, Princeton)
  • Infrastructure & Middleware (Mike Freemon, NCSA)
  • Science User Interfaces (Schuyler Van Dyk, IPAC)

Design Reviews and Planning

One of the core functions of the SAT is to carry out design reviews. We are beginning with DC3b-focused reviews intended to specifically assist the DC3 development process. Later in 2010 we will perform internal reviews of the current state of the final LSST DM design, in support of the preparation for the NSF PDR.


The System Architect is currently spending some amount of time looking at the performance of the DC3b DM software. This work is summarized here:

LSST Systems Engineering

The System Architect is developing, within the LSST Systems Engineering SysML model (LSST_SysArch), the requirements and specifications for interfaces with other LSST subsystems, and is involved in the management of these and other dependencies that cross subsystem boundaries.


The SAT currently meets weekly. The meetings are not closed, but they are intended as working meetings of the team, to which others will be specifically invited as relevant topics arise on the team's agenda.

Agenda items ordinarily arise from the System Architect, Project Scientist, or Project Manager, or from the work of the standing or topical Working Groups of the DM project (e.g., DC3, Middleware, Applications). However, anyone is welcome to request that the SAT consider an issue by raising it with the System Architect. (As usual, doing so with a cc: post to lsst-data is probably a good default.)