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Final Design Review

NOTE: References to activities in DM Final Design PMCS plan are annotated (DMTF-xxxx)

List of DM-related talks (DMTF-12895, 12910, 12930, 12940)


The FDR is organized similarly to the PDR, so there are no specific plenary DM talks.

DM breakouts

Key talks (summary-level) (posted into Collection-3247)

Detailed talks posted for reviewers - 20 minutes each (posted into Collection-3247)

Detailed talks on hand available for reviewers but not posted - 20 minutes each (posted into Collection-3247)

Algorithm talks, derived from CDP presentations not posted to web site but available (posted into Collection-3247)

Database talks, derived from DAR presentations not posted on web site but available (posted into Collection-3247)

FDR Charge Questions Coverage

The first presentation listed is assumed to be the one addressing the issue head-on. To make sure context is not misunderstood, please read the full charge (

  • Q1. Will the LSST Project be ready to start building by July 2014
  • Q4. Are there appropriate means for managing risk throughout construction?
    1. N/A
    2. N/A
    3. Is the change control mechanism already in use? If so, has it successfully adhered to its written processes and has it been effective? (note: this is about the TCT)


(posted into Collection-3247)

Document Title Lead Writer Lead Reviewer Status
Design Documents
LDM-148 DM System Design JK KTL Ready
LDM-151 Applications Design MJ GPDF Ready
LDM-156 MOPS Design MJ TA Ready
LDM-230 Automated Operations KTL MF Ready
LDM-152 Middleware Design KTL MJ Ready
LDM-135 DB Design JB KTL Ready
LDM-153 DB Schema JB MJ Ready
LDM-129 Infrastructure Design MF JK Ready
LDM-131 SUI Conceptual Design SVD GPDF Ready
Sizing Model
LSE-81 Science Inputs KTL DM SAT Ready
LSE-82 Science Inputs Explanation KTL DM SAT Ready
LDM-138 Compute Sizing Model KTL DM SAT Ready
LDM-140 Compute Sizing Explanation KTL DM SAT Ready
LDM-141 Storage Sizing Model JB DM SAT Ready
LDM-139 Storage Sizing Explanation JB DM SAT Ready
LDM-142 Network Sizing Model JK DM SAT Ready
LDM-144 Cost Model MF DM SAT Ready
LDM-143 Cost Model Explanation MF DM SAT Ready
UML Use Cases and WBS
LDM-133 Domain Model UML MJ JK, RAA Ready
LDM-134 Applications UML MJ JK, RAA Ready
LDM-146 Middleware UML KTL JK, RAA Ready
Planning Documents
LDM-240 (ex Document-14834) DM Software Development Roadmap MJ, KTL, JB, SVD JK, MF Ready

Requirements Documents

Document Title Lead Writer Lead Reviewer Status
LSE-29 LSST System Requirements MJ CCB LCR-144 approved, Collection-3201
LSE-30 Observatory System Specification DS CCB LCR-145 approved, Collection-3202
LSE-61 DM System Requirements DS CCB LCR-150 approved, Collection-3239
LSE-163 Data Products Definition MJ CCB LCR-151 approved, Collection-3240

Reviews Completed

Non-documentation, Technical (reports available for FDR)