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Welcome to the use of '/' in your twiki page names

This page is just a wayside in your quest to reach the real twiki page pointed to by a page name incorporating '/' within the name. Sometimes the next node in the pathname will have real content, sometimes it, too, will be false.

Twiki stores all its pages as flat files. Users layer structure upon the namespace chaos by selecting page names using, what they hope, is a logical process.

For example:

  • DM should be considered to contain pages relevant to the Data Management domain; maybe someday it will contain the equivalent to Section Headings for the various groups in DM or some other rational organizational model
    • DM/ReferenceDesign groups twiki reference design documents;
    • DM/SAT is the SAT home page within the DM domain;
    • DM/SAT/Meetings is the record of meetings held by the SAT;
    • DM/TCT is the TCT home page within the DM domain;
    • DM/Policy is the grouping name for all DM policy the future. Right now it's an intermediate hop leading to particular DM policy.

Be warned that the only way to rename pages is to delete the old one and create a new one.