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Accessing DC3b Data Via the Web

The raw input data and processed data products from DC3b processing is available over the Web. Access by most users is expected to be through the Gator User Interface at This page specifically describes the URL-based web service interface to the data. This is document is not intended for end users but rather for developers that wish to programmatically access the data.

HTTP Interface

The server provides the access to the data. The web service is in the form of a HTTP GET request in which the identifier for the desired data item is embedded in the URL. The data is delivered synchronously: that is, the service will block until the data is ready for delivery, and the response is an FITS image file, a tar file, or other data item. A returned MIME-type indicates the type. Collections of data can also be retrieved as tar files.

The entire namespace can be explored by pointing your favorite browser to:

To request a data product, a client accesses a URL of the following form:<id>

where <id> is the canonical identifier as described on the wiki:DC3bDataOrganization page, starting with the collection name obs (for raw and calibration input data) or datarel (for processed output products).

Any directory in the entire hierarchy can be downloaded as a single tar file.

When using the wget utility, specifying the option "--content-disposition" is recommended. That will tell wget to create the output file using a more descriptive filename than it otherwise would.


ImSim raw data

The ImSim raw data is at:

Raw ImSim data as individual amplifier (channel) images:

All of these are valid URLs for downloading the entire subdirectory specified as a single tar file:

ImSim calibration data

The calibration data is at:


ImSim output data

The calibrated ImSim data is at:


Note that the last one will take up to 20 minutes (30.8GB) using a browser, less if using wget.