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DC3b Scoping Meeting III, July 27 -28, 2009


This meeting is being conducted as a virtual meeting, with audio/video (see below).

Tucson people will be in the NOAO Engineering Conference Room.

Point of Contact and IP's for video:

  • Los Alamos Przemyslaw Wozniak audio-only
  • CTIO Ron Lambert
  • LSST Iain/Jeff?
  • NCSA Ray Plante Will send due to DHCP
  • SLAC KT Unknown at the moment
  • IPAC Suzy (Mary) and
  • UCD Martin/David? IP Unknown
  • UW Simon B368 (
  • UPenn Mike Jarvis Unknown
  • Princeton Robert

Video connection testing will be done with Iain Goodenow by Friday, July 24. There will not be any time to resolve any video issues Monday morning.

The video bridge is Do NOT call the polycom directly. The unit only supports three incoming calls, two of which are required for IPAC due to technical issues.

We will be using the DM conference line for audio (contact Iain Goodenow or Jeff Kantor for number if you don't know it).

We will start 8a PT/9a MT/10a CT/11a ET each day, please establish your audio/video connections prior to this start time.


The meeting objective is to produce a resource-loaded plan for DC3b and concurrent R&D activities (e.g. Astro2010, PDR) to ~85% accuracy/completeness.


All Times are Pacific Time, length of day, breaks, and lunch are being kept short due to time zones

Monday, July 27, 2009

8:00a - 8:15a Introduction and programmatics - Jeff Kantor

8:15a - 9:00a DC3a report overview - David Gehrig, Ray Plante, Tim Axelrod

9:00a - 9:15a R&D Plan Overview - Jeff Kantor

9:15a - 9:30a DM organization update - Jeff Kantor

9:30a - 10:00a Break - All

10:00a - 10:30a System Architecture Team - Gregory Dubois-Felsmann

10:30a - 11:00a Testing and Integration - Robyn Allsman (see attachment below)

11:00a - 12:00p Lunch Break - All

12:00p - 2:00p DC3b planning - Working Group Leads

In this section WG leads will lead discussion and resolve remaining scoping issues into plan, estimate level of effort, assign leads. We will use the trac pages from the previous DC3bScopingMeeting at IPAC on May 19 - 20 and go through each section, updating tasks, assignments, durations, dependencies in MS project plans in parallel.

In this section we will cover Science/Algorithms, MOPS, SDQA (moved to 7/28 am session).

A few extra MOPS links: DC3A Post-Mortem Meeting Results, MOPS Development And Test Sites, Long-term LSST MOPS Development plans

2:00p - 2:30p Day 1 Wrap-up and review Day 2 agenda - Jeff Kantor

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

8:00a - 10:00a DC3b planning - Working Group Leads

Continue planning discussion, issue resolution, capturing in project plans.

In this session we will cover SDQA, Data Access (ImageAccess and PersistenceRedesign), and Data Products.

10:00a - 10:30a Break - All

10:30a - 12:00p DC3b planning - Working Group Leads

Continue planning discussion, issue resolution, capturing in project plans

In this session we will cover Metadata, Middleware, Build/Packaging, Scalability/Performance.

12:00p - 1:00p Lunch Break - All

1:00p - 2:00p Summation of the project plan, assess feasibility - Jeff Kantor, Suzy Dodd, David Gehrig

2:00p - 2:30p Wrap-up and actions - Jeff Kantor