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DC3b Processing Flow

This page documents the processing flow for DC3b. In particular, the Data Release Production is shown. These diagrams are still evolving. The authoritative current source for this information is in Enterprise Architect in DC3 > DC3 Use Case Activity Model > Application Layer > Data Release Production. For now, these diagrams and their components are stored one level below in the KTL DR Production package. The images visible on this page will be updated periodically with copies of that information. (Note that "Watch This" on this page will not currently capture updates to the images, although modifications to the text and additions of new diagrams will trigger notification.)

These diagrams should resize to fit the browser window. To get a larger, scrollable version, click on the image.

List of Stages

A list of the stages that make up the processing pipelines in the diagrams below is at DC3bProcessingStages.

List of Classes

A list of the classes (domain model objects) that need to be transmitted between stages or pipelines is at DC3bProcessingClasses. Proposed output dataset names from the pipelines are at DC3bMiddlewareTasks/DC3bOutputs.

Master Diagram

This diagram illustrates the overall data release processing flow. Note that unlike the Alert Production in DC3a, it is quite likely that only some parts of this production will be running at any given time, rather than having all parts running at the same time.

NOTE: This link,, displays an active version of the nightly-updated processing flow diagram, including subsidiary diagrams for individual pipelines. The image below is static for reference.