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DC3b PT1 Production Run Status

This document lists runs of the DC3b PT1 Release Production pipelines

Refer to DC3bPT1ProcessedExposures for more detailed information on which visits were processed by which run(s).

A composite directory: D2_aggregate, contains the complete D2 output product set. The directory contains symlinks to the actual products in the appropriate Production runs. The directory is currently available at lsst:/lsst/DC3/data/datarel/CFHTLS/D2_aggregate. In the near future, it will be installed on the mass store in the tbd PT1 run directory.

RunID Collection # of Visits Started Run On Original Product Directory Comments Backup
ktl20100701 ImSim 15 2 Jul 2010 lsst lsst:/lsst/DC3/data/datarel/ImSim/ktl20100701 ByVisit, full FOV
abe_imsim20100708_02 ImSim 1 8 Jul 2010 8am PT abe lsst:/lsst/DC3/data/datarel-test/ImSim/abe_imsim20100708_02 ByVisit, 2 Rafts
ktl20100709 CFHT 118 9 July 2010 lsst /lsst/DC3/data/datarel/CFHTLS/ktl20100709 D2-fg, ByVisit,Full FOV on mss
imsim20100709_01 ImSim 1 9 Jul 2010 10am CT abe /cfs/projects/lsst/DC3/data/datarel-runs/imsim20100709_01 ByVisit, full FOV requested 14 Jul 10
cfht20100711_06 CFHT 2 11 July 2010 6:46pm CT abe /cfs/projects/lsst/DC3/data/datarel-runs/cfht20100711_06 D2 misc, full FOV on mss
cfht20100711_07 CFHT 18 11 July 2010 10:54pm CT abe /cfs/projects/lsst/DC3/data/datarel-runs/cfht20100711_07 D2-fu, ByVisit, full FOV, all CCD 3 failed from CrSplit? onward on mss
lsstCfht20100713_01 CFHT 100 14 July 2010 22:54 CT lsst /lsst/DC3/data/datarel/CFHTLS/lsstCfht20100713_01 D2-fr, numerically by visit first 100 processed ByVisit, full FOV, all CCD 3 failed
cfht20100716_01 CFHT 198 16 July 2010 16:20 CT abe /cfs/projects/lsst/DC3/data/datarel-runs/cfht20100716_01 D2-fr, ByVisit, ful FOV, all CCD 3 failed on mss
slac-prod01 ImSim 52 20 July 2010 slac on mss
slac-prod02 ImSim 26 20-21 July 2010 slac on mss
slac-prod03 ImSim 26 20-21 July 2010 slac on mss
slac-prod04 ImSim 12 5 Aug 2010 slac on mss
cfht20100722_01 CFHT 26 22 July 2010 abe /cfs/projects/lsst/DC3/data/datarel-runs/cfht20100722_01 D2-fr, ByVisit, ful FOV, final 26 visits (when name sorted) on mss