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LSST DC3b PT 1.2 3000 run

We expect to carry out a third ("3000") processing run in July 2011.

This page is intended to help us decide what to include. Some of this is already done on trunk or a branch, but I'd like a list of everything that we want that is not in level 2000. Please sign your contributions; this is not a commitment to implement them.

Desired Features

Chebyshev interpolation (RHL)
For PSF interpolation (using the RHL pcaPsf for now)
A star/galaxy number (RHL)
Probably based on the instFlux (==gaussianFlux) or the modelFlux from UCDavis
Proper flat fields (RHL)
There is evidence of problems in the corners of the array.
Proper propagation of measurement masks
From measurement to Source; no need to handle proper assigment of bits to different algorithms (i.e. a single global enum is OK for now)
Diffim for snap pairs (ACB)
This needs to be implemented as a pipeline of some sort; possibly using a single pipette-based stage + two I/O stages

Things that should not be included

Cleanup of Policy (RHL)
Replacement of sets of stages with pipette mega-stages (RHL)