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DC3b Task: Refactor Orca Code

This task will refactor the Orca Code to:

  • incorporate lessons of DC3a (e.g. PlatformRun-level database configuration)
  • enable safer and more extensible interface
  • incorporate on-going pipeline monitoring

Project Plan Status


  • Prototype code for new design model (complete)
    • Improve support for simple execution of pipelines via Python
  • Refactor old code (where possible) into new model
    • Provide support for simple execution of pipelines via the command-line
  • Testing
    • Unit testing
    • Single Pipeline run
    • Multiple Pipeline Run


This is more fully explained on the CondorJobs page.

An explanation of the changes for DAGman style production runs are available on the OrcaPolicyFiles page.


  • Most current UML model available here. Navigate Middleware Layer->Control->Orchestration->Orca