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This page is about serving DC3b data to friendly users. These requirements apply to data access for all three Performance Tests.

High Level Requirements

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Number of Named Users <10
Number of Concurrent Queries <5
Number of Concurrent File Downloads <5
Level of technical competence High (able to write their own SQL queries)
Level of access needed read-only
Response time for Low volume queries <1 minute
Response time for High volume queries <1 hour (for object table scans)
<4 hours (for source/forcedsource table scans)
Response time for Superhigh volume queries <10 hours
Availability Available > 18 hrs/day (e.g. 6AM-12midnight CT)
No more than three consecutive days per outage
No more than 1 outage every two weeks
Available until 31-Dec-2011
(See comments below. -MikeF)
Image Retrieval Latency Many images will be on tape, so retrieval delays will occur.
(This may be more of an education issue. -MikeF)

Technical Requirements


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DB Server to Disk Storage Bandwidth 300 MB/s *
Storage Capacity None beyond that already provided for the DC3b runs. See DC3bHardwareRequirements *
Server Memory 16 GB *
Number of Cores 8 *
  • From the Dec8 DC3 call

Image Retrieval

Storage Capacity (for tape cache) ?
File Servers ?