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DC3a Environment

Pre- DC3a Integration Week

  • Developers:
    • resolve all your DC3a delivery Tickets; merge Ticket branches onto trunk; tag packages
  • Package Gurus whose package implements either a single stage or a pipeline with multiple stages:
    • test your package using either
      • the pipeline harness running single slice on a single node thru all stages; or
      • a script to advance the pipeline appropriately thru its stages.
    • load your pipeline policies into both
      • your local package: $SVN/DMS/<your package>/pipeline/ ; and
      • the DC3 policy repository: $SVN/DMS/ctrl/dc3pipe/pipeline/ .

DC3a Execution and Benchmarking

  • DC3aProductionsRuns
  • TBD Ray: Setting up the Run directory (out-of-date ref SetUpRun by DavidG)
  • Running the Pipeline Harness (current by GregD)
  • TBD DavidG: Accessing the LSST Cluster (out-of-date ref LSSTCluster by DavidG)
  • How to Run the Complete Set of DC3a Pipelines through ORCA ( DC3PipeHowto)
  • DC3a Test Data
    • Exposures and ancillary Calibration Artifacts (ref DC3TestData by DavidG)
      • CFHT (delivery: AndyB; installation: DavidG)
      • simulated LSST exposures (delivery: AndyC; installation: DavidG)
      • Access to images, templates, and calibration artifacts (KT)
    • Catalogs
      • catalog needed for WCS calculation, also known as index tree (delivery: Fergal)
      • catalog needed for photometric zeropoint calculation (delivery: SteveB?; format and access unknown)
    • NightMOPS proprietary artifacts located in lsst9:/lsst/DC3/opt. See directory's README (by Francesco)

DC3a Science Data Quality Analysis

DC3a Report

  • Report being developed within $DMS/report/reportDC3a
  • Refer to DC3AReportOutline for your writing assignments.
  • Final report: LDM-17 on Docushare

DC3a Meetings

DC3a Reference Documents