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DC3 Applications Design Workshop

21-22 August 2008 IPAC, Caltech

Morrisroe Large Conference Room (Rm. 102)

Local Information:

Thursday August 21

8:30: Introduction Jeff

9:00: Iconix Process and Robustness Analysis - Doug

10:00 Photometric Calibration Use Cases Walkthrough and Robustness Analysis Jeff, Tim, Doug

11:30: Split into working groups and work in teams (Jeff, Tim, Doug roam)

Astrometric Calibration Use Cases Dave Monet, Roc Cutri, Tom Handley

Deep Detection and Image Co-Add Use Cases Dave Wittman, KT Lim

SDQA Use Cases Deborah Levine, Vince Mannings, Russ Laher, Robert Lupton, Gregory D-F?

Image Subtraction Use Cases Nicole Silvestri, Andy Becker, TBD (someone with Image subtraction experience not from UW)

12:00 Lunch will be brought in
12:00-5:00 Continue working in teams

5:00: Done for today

Friday August 22

8:30: Review work and discuss issues All (Jeff, Tim facilitate)

10:00: Workshop wrap up/actions Jeff, Tim, Doug

10:30: Break

11:00: Action Items from last Feb meeting at IPAC All

12:00: Lunch will be brought in, Overview of DM Test and Integration process Robyn (remotely)

12:30: Design Driven Testing - Doug

1:30: Parasoft Testing and Standards Checking Tool Demo (tbd)

2:30: Open for any items that come up during the workshop

4:00: Done