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All code is under DMS (Data Management System) in Subversion. Some packages have sub-packages. Each package or sub-package has a substructure of trunk, tickets, tags, and branches directories.

  • DMS/afw: Application Framework including general-purpose scientific code
  • DMS/analysis: Tools for post-processing analysis
  • DMS/ap: Association Processing
  • DMS/base: Common utilities used across all packages
  • DMS/coadd: Kaiser Coadd
  • DMS/ctrl: Control including events and dc2pipe pipeline orchestration
  • DMS/daf: Data Access Framework including persistence
  • DMS/datarel: Production pipeline configuration
  • DMS/detection: Source detection
  • DMS/devenv: Development Environment including scons utilities
  • DMS/geom: Low level routines for manipulation of astronomical coordinates
  • DMS/ip: Image Processing
  • DMS/meas: Measurement: algorithms, astrometry, multifit
  • DMS/mops: Moving Object Processing System
  • DMS/ndarray: Matrix manipulation routines
  • DMS/obs: Third Party Survey- and/or Camera- specific metadata transform to DM constructs
  • DMS/pex: Pipeline Execution including running pipelines (harness), logging, Policy, exceptions
  • DMS/sdqa: Software Data Quality Assurance
  • DMS/security:
  • DMS/skymap: Sky Tile discovery routines
  • DMS/skypix:
  • DMS/utils: General purpose package