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DC3a Test Data

CFHTLS Raw Images

  • D1, 100 exposures (see attachment for data)
  • D2, 100 exposures (see attachment for data)
  • D3, 100 exposures (see attachment for data)
  • D4, 100 exposures (downloaded last year for DC2)

Terapix Stacked Images

As described at the CADC site: From Release T0004 from of the CFHTLS. Stacks consists two (2) sets of stacks for each of the 4 deep pointings. One stack is made with the images take in the best 25% (D-25) of image quality and one with the best 85% (D-85), resulting in 8 DEEP stack sets. For each stack set, Terapix provides an image, catalog, and weight-map for each filter and also provides a chi2 and mask image for each field.


Currently at ds33:/lsst_ibrix/image_data/CFHT-stacked/

  • For each of the eight DEEP stacked images, for each filter (u, g, r, i, z), we have:
    • image file *.fits.gz
    • catalog file *.cat.gz
    • LDAC file *.ldac.gz
    • weight file *.weight.fits.gz
  • For each of the 4 Deep fields, we also have:
    • chi2 file for 25% CFHTLS_D-25_gri_*_T0004.fits.gz
    • chi2 file for 85% CFHTLS_D-85_gri_*_T0004.fits.gz
    • mask file CFHTLS_D_*_T0004.reg.gz


Currently on the cluster at /lsst/images/repository/templates

  • Unzipped .fits, .ldac, and .weight.fits data is at, e.g. .../D1/25/z/T0004_D1_25_z.* for the files associated with the D1 field, the 25% stacked image, and the z filter. Total: 120 files.
  • Unzipped chi2 data is at, e.g. .../D4/85/T0004_D4_85_gri.chi2.fits for the 85% stacked image for field D4. Total: 8 files, 2 for each field.
  • Unzipped mask data is at, e.g. .../D4/T0004_D4.reg for the D4 field. Total: 4 files, one for each field.

I haven't unzipped the .cat files, as they're not needed for DC3a.

Elixer Master Detrend files

We currently have at /lsst_ibrix/image_data/calib 82 fringe, bias, flat, and dark files from MegaPrime?. These files covered the time window for the D4 files used in DC2; when the raw files are determined and selected for DC3a, we will need to make sure the calibration files cover the time window for all the observations.

Simulated data

Information not yet available.

Required Test File Preprocessing

  • We will again need to break up the MegaPrime? images by CCD, and segment within the CCD. This is not a computationally intensive process.