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DC3 Schedule

The DC3 schedule is being managed in MS Project as part of a master project for all of the DM R&D phase in this time frame, with subprojects for Applications and Middleware/Infrastructure?, and a Management and System Engineering subproject for concurrent LSST program activities such as major reviews. This is being done for purposes of resource leveling, since some resources work concurrently on both DC and LSST DM R&D activities. Prior to DC3b, both DC3a and DC3b plans were in a single subproject for Applications and a single subproject for Middleware/Infrastructure?. As of DC3b, the DC3a and DC3b plans are being managed in separate subprojects for each of these areas.

The DC3 Schedules are permanently archived in Collection-1575: DM R&D Plan; in particular, Document-8219:DM R&D MSP This page contains attachments with PDF reports from the MS project files and summary of major updates to the plans.

Update August 25, 2010

Jeff Kantor added DC3b PT1.1 plan - see attachments Still need to finish integrating this into overall R&D Plan and re-publish

Update September - November, 2009

DC3b PT1, PT2, PT3 scheduled - see attachments

PT1 schedule overview

  • August-November 2009: development & continuous integration (overlaps with PDR prep September-October)
  • December-January 2010: small-scale running, completion of integration, SDQ debugging
  • February 2010: porting to large cluster / DB setup
  • March-April 2010: large scale production
  • May 2010: final SDQ analysis and reporting

Update February 2, 2009

DC3 schedule - updated 2/2/2009 - includes progress information - see attachments

Update October 17, 2008

DC3 schedule - updated 10/17/2008 - includes progress information - see version 1.12 in attachments

Cristina's note: I made the changes to the plan that were sent to me in September by Jacek, Suzy and Robyn. Most of the progress information is out of date.

Update August 26, 2008

DC3 schedule - updated 8/26/2008 - includes progress information - see version 1.11 in attachments

Update August 14, 2008

DC3 schedule - updated 8/14/2008 - includes progress information - see version 1.10 in attachments

Update July 29, 2008

DC3 schedule - updated 7/29/2008 - includes progress information - see version 1.9 in attachments

Update July 15, 2008

DC3 schedule - updated 7/15/2008 - includes progress information - see version 1.8 in attachments

DC3 Plan

DC3 schedule - updated 7/11/2008 - includes progress information - see version 1.7 in attachments