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Data Challenge 3b Performance Test 1.1 Action Items

These are critical, isolated actions that are too small to put in overall project plan or trac tickets. These are to be statused at every DC telecon.

Note: as of Oct 15, 2010, this action list is being tracked using trac tickets of type 'action item' rather than through this table.

Number Assigned to (Lead is first) Task Due Date (2010) Status
1 Tim Axelrod, Andy Connolly Document what we're getting from ImSim in next 2 months in detail, i.e. we will fix missing stars, y-band response issue is not changed, 7 fields not 6 (full hexagon), image file header keywords will be fixed Aug 25 Done
2 Tim Axelrod, Serge Monkewitz Determine how source association is doing on ImSim data and define quality metrics for clustering/association Aug 25 Serge sent list to Tim; 10/13 Tim sent modified list back. Using these metrics awaits production runs.
3 Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, John Peterson Find out if/how ImSim can use OSG Sep 1 Done. 9/14: JP/SK expect not in time for PT1.1, gpdf checking with Purdue and AC, OSG will not be used for PT1.1 but will for runs after PT1.1 (AJC)
4 Dick Shaw, reassigned from Tim Axelrod, Robert Lupton Send new trac categories to Mike Freemon who will update trac Oct 15 Done (#1475)
5 Ray Plante, Simon Krughoff Develop plan to have 450 ImSim visits generated/moved/renamed/staged/etc. Sep 1 Done. Implementation: Fields have been selected and runs at Purdue have begun. Transfer plans are complete; testing w/SLAC complete; testing w/Purdue underway. Ray to put MSS saving in place.
6 Jeff Kantor Produce updated DM R&D plan incorporating this plan Sep 1 Done
7 KT Lim File ticket on policy bug order dependency Sep 14 Done (#1441 and #1442)
8 Robert Lupton, Robyn Allsman Debug afw module build error for buildbot trunk-to-trunk Sep 14 Done. trunkVsTrunk afw builds now
9 Jeff Kantor Assign “owners” to categories for receiving support/help requests Oct 15
10 Schuyler Van Dyk Identify Image Characterization metadata need for DQ harvesting, Robert identify approach to calculating needed metadata Sep 15 10/12/10 Metadata defined.
11 Robyn Allsman Split buildbot test into 2 parts: builds succesfully and runs to completion; data outputs comparison Oct 12 Done. Tool runs nightly to valdiate Trunk Vs Trunk. Data output comparison sufficient in current state for PT1.1. Better comparison tests to be added to PT1.2 plan.
12 Robert Lupton Close with Mike Jarvis on how to incorporate 2 PSF codes into PT1.1 trunk Sep 17 KT requests finish class interface first so he can work on persistence.
13 Robert Lupton Get input from developers regarding coding standards that are worst barriers to getting started. Jeff Kantor will discuss at Princeton on Oct 25 Oct 24
14 Robyn Allsman, Jeff Kantor Publish clarified policy on when/where coding standards apply Oct 12 Done.
15 Lynne Jones Follow up with Iain to create a forum on the Sci Wiki Sep 30 10/12/10 According to Iain G, works with other wikis, problem with Sci wiki, debugging now.
16 Lynne Jones Create automated email digest of forum changes Sep 30
17 Dick Shaw Solicit input for Data Challenge Handbook from contributors: Schuyler, Andy C., Simon/Andy?, Mike, et al. Sep 30 Done. Input received. Further work covered by PT1.1 project plan.