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DC3 InputStage Policy Design

updated: Feb 12, 2009

InputStage Policy File Components

  1. AdditionalData:
    • type: string
    • description: allows clipboard values to be given names to be used as parameters in pathnames or by Formatters. Form is <name>=<clipboardKey>.
  2. RunMode:
    • type: string
    • allowed values: "preprocess", "process", "postprocess"
    • description: specifies when the input should occur.
  3. InputItems:
    • type: policy
    • description: list of items to retrieve
    • components:
      1. <itemName>:
        • type: policy
        • description: replace <itemName> with the name you would like to assign to this input item. multiple item policies may be defined within the InputItems policy.
        • components:
          1. Type:
            • type: string
            • description: c++ class name. For example: "PropertySet"
          2. PythonType:
            • type: string
            • description: Fully qualified python class name. For example: "lsst.daf.base.PropertySet"
          3. StoragePolicy:
            • type: policy
            • description: specifies how and where to retrieve this item. Multiple StoragePolicy can be defined for a single item; they are used in sequence.
            • sub-components:
              1. Storage:
                • type: string
                • allowed values: "BoostStorage", "DbStorage", "DbTsvStorage", "FitsStorage", "XmlStorage"
                • description: specifies how to retrieve the item.
              2. Location:
                • type: string
                • description: specifies where to perist the item. Should be a logical location, not a physical one. Can include %(...) parameters which will be filled in by the stage using the "AdditionalData" values. If the parameter to be substituted is an integer (not a string representing an integer), it can be formatted using the syntax "%03d(...)". Built in %(...) operands include:
                  • %(input), %(output), %(scratch), %(update), %(work) directories
                  • %(dbUrl) database URL
                  • %(runId), %(sliceId), %(universeSize) pipeline parameters

Sample InputStage Policy File

AdditionalData: "exposureId=triggerImageprocEvent.exposureid"
RunMode: "process"
InputItems: {
    InputImage: {
        Type: "MaskedImageF"
        PythonType: "lsst.afw.image.imageLib.MaskedImageF"
        StoragePolicy: {
            Storage: "FitsStorage"
            Location: "/sample/%(exposureId)p_1_MI"