Last modified 10 years ago Last modified on 02/12/2009 09:55:54 AM

DC3 EventStage Policy Design

updated: Feb 11, 2009

EventStage Policy File Components

  1. RunMode:
    • type: string
    • allowed values: "preprocess", "postprocess"
    • description: specifies when the event should be published.
  2. keysToPublish:
    • type: string array
    • description: list of <eventName>=<clipboardKey> pairs. <eventName> is name of the event that will be published. The content of that event is the PropertySet pulled from the clipboard using the key <clipboardKey>. If no <clipboardKey> is not present, then <eventName> will be used as the key to pull from the clipboard. The <eventName> and <clipboardKey> are separated by a "=". For example: "outgoingEvent=outgoingKey", "myEventName"

Sample EventStage Policy File

keysToPublish: "outgoingEvent=outgoingKey", "anotherEvent"
RunMode: "postprocess"