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[The report is now complete, and available as LDM-17 on Docushare.]

The TeX source for the DC3a report is here.

Executive Summary (DG)

Introduction (Tim A)

  • Goals of DC3a
  • Metrics and Validation


  • Overview: Processing Flow
  • Applications
  • Hardware Deployment

Software Development Practices

  • UML Modeling
  • Software Development Environment

Data (Andy B, Andy C)

  • CFHT-LS Deep Survey Data
  • LSST Simulated Images and Catalogs

Software Framework (K-T, Steve, Greg, Jacek)

  • Framework Modifications since DC2
    • Data Access (K-T?)
    • Pipeline Execution (Greg)
    • Pipeline Orchestration (Steve?)
  • Database Schema Modifications since DC2 (Jacek)
  • Operational Issues (Jacek, Greg?)

Application Layer

  • ISR (Andy B?)
  • Background Subtraction (Andy B? RHL?)
  • Source Detection (Martin? RHL?)
  • PSF Determination (Russell? RHL?)
  • WCS Estimation (RHL?)
  • Image Subtraction (Andy B)
  • MOPS (Francesco?)
  • Association (Serge?)
  • SDQA (Russ)

Results (Ray, Tim A)

  • Summary of Runs
  • Science Data Quality
  • Timing Results

Conclusions (Ray, Tim A)

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