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Release Transfer Process

1. Overview

2. Installation Procedures

This section contains the installation procedure for the DC3 software environment.

See Installing the LSST Software.

3. Build Procedures

This section contains the build procedures for the DC3 deliverables.

See scons build system.

4. Configuration Item List

This section lists the DC3 deliverables.

4.1 DC3a Configuration Items

See Alert Production configuration items

4.2 DC3b Configuration Items

  • Data Release Production
  • Calibration Production
  • Data Archive

5. Acceptance Test Report Summary

This section summarizes the results of the Acceptance Tests.

TBD when activity occurs.

6. Software Anomaly Reports and Resolutions

This section contains the Software Anomaly Reports generated during the Software Release Transfer. Each report also provides the issue resolution.

TBD when activity occurs.

7. Transfer Risk Assessment Procedure

This section contains the transfer risk assessment procedure including the criteria used to determine if the product is ready for transfer or release.


8. Transfer Readiness Authorization

The document recording authorization by the oversight participants of the Release Transfer is available at DC3/ReleaseTransferAuthorization.