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    33= Summer 2012 LSST DM Data Challenge = 
    5 LSST Data Management has recently finished the Summer 2012 Data Challenge, our latest semi-annual development cycle. Its goals were to prototype extended source photometry algorithms, image-coaddition pipelines, forced-photometry pipelines, and the associated middleware and user interfaces for LSST. To assess our success and inform future work, we used the resulting code to reprocess and analyze a small subset (~5%) of SDSS Stripe 82. We have released this data (and software) at the 2012 LSST All Hands Meeting to demonstrate the current capabilities of DM code, and in hope you may find the reprocessed data scientifically interesting. 
    7 For those who were not at the AHM, this page provides the links to the Summer 2012 software, data, and documentation. They include a catalog measured from a subset of frames of SDSS Stripe 82, a deep r-band coadd of the same area, and a catalog of forced photometry at locations where sources were detected in the coadd. 
    9 Our preliminary analysis indicates the quality of this dataset is comparable to that of SDSS DR8, with the deep forced photometry catalog providing added value over DR8. Nevertheless, we caution you that this is prototype code. It is still incomplete both in terms of features and quality, and the same will be true of the reprocessed data. If you do notice issues, or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at dm-help --at-- 
    11 == Summer 2012 Data Challenge Outputs == 
    13 Below is a list of links to outputs of Summer 2012 data challenge. A description of the challenge is available in the [attachment:DC_Handbook_v2.0.pdf Handbook]. You may also find useful the presentations on Summer 2012 data release that were given at the [ All Hands Meeting]: for your convenience, we've attached at the bottom of this page. 
    15 '''Note !#1: Some of these websites require the standard DM user name and password; if you don't know it already, it can be found in Section 2.2.1 of [ the prior data challenge Handbook].''' 
    17 '''Note !#2: The catalog and image access tools in use here are temporary solutions for data distribution graciously provided to us by IPAC: in particular, they are ''NOT'' representative of the Science User Interface the LSST will ultimately have'''. 
    19  * Summer 2012 Data Challenge Handbook: 
    20  * Catalogs access (Gator):  
    21  * Download of coadded images (Image Inventory Service): 
    22  * Image/catalog visualization and analysis tool (Hydra): 
    23  * Data Management Software Summer 2012 Release: [wiki:Installing/Summer2012] 
    24  * Data Quality Assessment (pipeQA):  
    25  * LSST Summer 2012 Database Schema: (note: this is not the Gator schema, this is the internal MySQL database schema; let us know if you need to access it) 
    27 If you decide to make use of this data, feel free to inquire about the details at <dm-help --at-->. Note that the users of these data (though not the software), have to abide by the [ LSST Publication Policy]. 
    29 == Known issues == 
    31  ''Examples on some data access tools are misleading (e.g., "search for M81", when M81 is not within the reprocessed footprint)'':: 
    32     We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. In the meantime, take a look at the footprints below to guide your searches. 
    33  ''Clicking Hydra tool's help ('?') button leads to a password-protected page'':: 
    34     We are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. 
    36 == Covered footprint == 
    38 A quick visualization of the footprint available in Summer 2012 data release, created by plotting all 250+ million forced sources: 
    40 [[Image(]] 
    41 [[Image(]]