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If you've put a project into the /contrib directory of the Subversion repository, please include a short description here:


Location: /contrib/sample

Owner: biff mcgriff

Short description: This package doesn't exist; it's just an example of how to publicize the Subversion URL associated with a package in the /contrib directory.


Location: /contrib/dependency_view

Owner: Francesco Pierfederici

Short description: Given a package name from the current packages list, create a dependency graph of that package in Graphviz DOT format. The graph is then printed to STDOUT and can be fed to Graphviz or compatible applications for visualization.

Boost.Python Stack Prototype

Location: /contrib/bp

Owner: Jim Bosch

A work-in-progress prototype of the LSST stack using Boost.Python instead of SWIG.


Location: /contrib/altbuildbot

Owner Jim Bosch

A collection of scripts to automate building a full LSST stack from SVN sources.


svn co $LSST_SVN/contrib/altbuildbot/trunk altbuildbot
cd altbuildbot
mkdir src
./ -r src checkout
metasetup -r src
./ -r src build

Edit the package-versions file to build something other than a trunk stack. Do ./ --help for more information.