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TCT Meeting 25 Oct 2013: Review Various Documents for Baseline status

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There are a number of documents which need TCT review and approval prior to the re-release to the FDR reviewers. The set of documents have minor changes in either formatting or moving the document into consistency with PMCS. There are also 2 new documents.

LDM-130 (TBD new version 4) - Science User Interface Requirements

document will be updated by Thursday 24 October 2013. This is its first time being reviewed by the TCT; this version reflects the changes recommended by the SUI Review in February 2013.

LDM-244 (version 2) (new) Data Management Science User Interface UML Use Case Model

This was written up in more detail in Ticket #3029.

The section on Representative Science Use Cases, in particular the 4 primary diagrams, is the current focus of the document. These Use Cases demonstrate how a scientist might interact with the SUI to address a science question. The other Use Cases have less elaboration. Hopefully, Schuyler will be available to comment on the content.

LDM-153 (version 10) Data Management Database Baseline Schema

had a problem with a missing bookmark in Table of Contents which was repaired by regenerating it.

LDM-141 (version 24) - Data Management Storage Sizing and I/O Model

the v102*b* was accidentally installed, it is exactly the same as v102 except it has some plots fixed. Jacek thought we were going to use v102 (without b) because that is what was used for building the official model. This new version updates the names of files so all match perfectly.

LDM-135 (version 18) Data Management Database Design

did not have "tct approved" line in the docushare change record. It has been added.

Change History

comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by robyn

Russell's comments: LDM-244

page 1 (section 2):

"Facilitate federation of the data products with external data; is listed twice in a row in the table Also please normalize the punctuation; some list entries end with ';' and some do not. COMMENT: fixed

"NOTE: The UML for this WBS element is in development at this time.": does this add useful info? Isn't this true for most of our UML? COMMENT: This is included because these design elements are very sketchy. I don't want anyone to think they are a finished product.

Pages 2-6:

The figures need some work. On my Mac:

  • Figure 1 the text is unreadable at any magnification; it looks like a badly resized pixel image
  • Figure 2 is probably readable (on my screen it's OK at 200%, so it's likely fine in print)
  • Figure 3 the font is so small I'll be surprised if it's readable in print; it's a challenge at 200% on my screen

Comment: These diagrams were reformatted to use more of the page

page 7:

It took me some time to realize that LRN is the singular of LRNe; I suggest making that explicit in the first sentence of the description by changing "...a luminous red nova at redshift 0.02" to "...a luminous red nova (LRN) at redshift 0.02". COMMENT: Fixed

page 8:

It seems a bit odd to me that the user first invokes "Examine Coadd Image of Host Galaxy..." and then invokes "Query Image Archive"; I would have expected the former user action to trigger the latter action automatically: System Invokes "Query Image Archive".

Comment: <<manual>> usecase is a description of the User's goal for some analysis. During the process of achieving that goal, the user invokes <<system>> and/or <<Business>> use cases. These Use cases are different from what has been used in Apps and Middleware in that they focus on a 'Day in the life of a Scientist'.

page 10:

"seeing variations,any color": add a space after the comma. Comment: fixed "One needs to mimic with the template the nonlinear evolution...":

  • the sentence structure is confusing
  • the information is somewhat confusing because this is the first mention of a template

NO CHANGE = needs Schuyler

"User Invokes: there is an extra space between those two words COMMENT: fixed

page 12:

"subset.This" needs a space after the period. (This kind of error is underlined in red on Word, so I'm surprised these weren't caught already). COMMENT: there is a bad excuse for why these weren't addressed.

"User invokes: 'Fit Auto Power Spectrum' , measuring": extra space before comma COMMENT: done

page 13:

User invokes: 'Obtain photometry": extra space after User COMMENT: done

page 13 and beyond:

AstroObjects? is a link in most (but not all) cases on p13, but never again later in the document COMMENT: These should be linked but there just wasn't time to do the whole document.

page 14:

"to User Workspace' to save the result": one too many spaces after Workspace' "Result to User Workspace' to save the" has an extra space before "to save" COMMENT: think these were fixed...

(At this point I just skimmed a bit...)

page 47: Create Coadded Exposure

is nearly empty, with just a short one-line description. Could you refer to the details somewhere else (or put them here, but that's a lot of info)? It's a big task and I fear push-back if we make it sound trivial. COMMENT: the <<business>> use cases have not been expanded. No Change until the funds flow.

page 48: Display Exposure is empty. Probably OK, but just checking. COMMENT: I put in the skeleton use case description.

page 51:

"...removing proper-motion AstroObjects?": what is a "proper-motion AstroObject?"? Do you mean "high proper-motion? COMMENT: Schuyler will need to approve this change but I added the 'proper-'.

page 54:

"This is a functionality within the Alert..." seems like a misuse of the word "functionality" to me; please consider "a function of" or "a capability of" COMMENT: I went with 'a function of'

COMMENT: The result of this editing has not been uploaded to docushare.

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by robyn

TCT Meeting: 25 Oct 2013


  • M Freemon
  • K-T Lim
  • J Becla
  • R Allsman
  • R Owen
  • S Van Dyk
  • J Kantor


Jacek reviewed the history of LDM-141 version 102. He clarified that The difference between 102 a thorugh d are variations with successive letters have updated plots but no new information added. LDM-141 version 103 is a totally separate release, should not be provided as the preferred version for docushare.

It was resolved that LDM-1410 v102d would be installed as the preferred version; the incorrectly named LDM-141 V102b (latest version of tha name) would be removed; and LDM-141 v103 would be removed until after FDR.

LDM-130 and LDM-244

The document was not ready for review at the meeting.

Jeff provided insight into the review criteria for SUI documents currently. Since the SUI design and development won't officially start until much later, 'LDM-130 SUI Requirements' and 'LDM-244 SUI UML Model' currently are work-in-progress and notable since they are being prepared well in advance of their due dates. As such they are not appropriate for TCT-control. They will be made available if requested at FDR.

It was suggested that LDM-244 be noted as 'Draft' but still be installed as the preferred version.


LDM-141 had been updated. K-T raised the issue that the change (updating the TCT approval line and headers) should not need additional approval. Duly noted and accepted.


LDM-153 only had some Table-of-Contents formatting errors fixed. In view of the previous comments, it did not need re-approval.

Action Items

  • update the preferred status for LDM-141, LDM-153, LDM-141;
  • add a DRAFT cover/header to LDM-244 and make preferred version.

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by robyn

  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Resolution set to fixed

Preferred versions were installed.

Closing ticket

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