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Review of documents for designation as TCT-controlled versions.

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Meeting called to review documents updated for FDR which need to be either

  • declared TCT-controlled for the first time or
  • have latest revision approved as the current controlled version.

Change History

comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by robyn

Meeting: 10 October 2013

Attendees: K-T Lim, M Juric, J Becla, R Owen, S Van Dyk, G Dubois-Felsmann, S Monkewitz, R Lupton, R Allsman

Agenda: Determine if a set of documents was ready to be approved as TCT-sanctioned versions.

Meeting started with preliminary discussion on procedural recommendations when preparing documents as TCT-controlled versions:

  • All proposed versions installed on docushare should include on their cover page a text block alerting the reader that the version in hand is provisional and not the currently approved version.
  • The name of the file uploaded to docushare should
    • include the document's docushare designation, e.g. LDM-133
    • have no blanks in the name; use underscore ('_') to signify blanks
    • resulting in a filename formatted, for example: "LDM-123_<illuminating_file_name>.<ext>"
  • If the document's editor allows, the preliminary document should 'track changes' from the last TCT-controlled version to the proposed version.
  • Once the preliminary version is approved, the designated installer will:
    • remove the 'not-yet-approved' text block;
    • turn off the version tracking;
    • when uploading the final approved version, include in the upload comment that 'this' version is accepted as a TCT-controlled version; and
    • update the default version to be the newly approved version.

K-T and Mario emphasized that the documents taken as a group should be consistent in their use of counts and naming.

The following table names the documents reviewed. Those which were conditionally approved have further discussion after the table.

Reviewed Documents

Document Title Lead Writer Lead Reviewer Status
Design Documents
LDM-148 DM System Design JK KTL TCT accepted
LDM-151 Applications Design MJ GPDF TCT accepted
LDM-156 MOPS Design MJ TA TCT accepted
LDM-230 Automated Operations KTL MF TCT accepted
LDM-152 Middleware Design KTL MJ TCT accepted
LDM-135 DB Design JB KTL TCT accepted with condition
LDM-153 DB Schema JB MJ TCT accepted
LDM-129 Infrastructure Design MF JK TCT accepted
LDM-131 SUI Conceptual Design SVD GPDF TCT accepted
Document-14834 DM Software Development Roadmap TCT accepted with condition
Sizing Model
LSE-81 Science Inputs KTL DM SAT TCT accepted
LSE-82 Science Inputs Explanation KTL DM SAT TCT accepted - note below
LDM-138 Compute Sizing Model KTL DM SAT |documents| TCT accepted
LDM-140 Compute Sizing Explanation KTL DM SAT TCT accepted
LDM-141 Storage Sizing Model JB DM SAT TCT accepted
LDM-139 Storage Sizing Explanation JB DM SAT TCT accepted
LDM-142 Network Sizing Model JK DM SAT TCT accepted
LDM-144 Cost Model MF DM SAT TCT accepted
LDM-143 Cost Model Explanation MF DM SAT TCT accepted
UML Use Cases and WBS
LDM-133 Domain Model UML MJ JK, RAA TCT accepted with condition
LDM-134 Applications UML MJ JK, RAA TCT accepted with condition
LDM-146 Middleware UML KTL JK, RAA TCT accepted

Documents with Approval Conditional on fulfilling an Action

LDM-135 - fix the reference to the 2 releases in the first year to accurately reflect the initial 6 month's data being processed and released at the 1 year point. J Becla will do this.

Document-14834 upgrade to an LDM designation to designate TCT-control. Maintain Document-14834 since it is currently referenced in many FDR slide stacks. R Allsman to do this.

LSE-82 - incorrect document overlaid on this name. K-T Lim will ask R McKercher to delete bad version.

LDM-133 - remove the 'Issue' notes on the diagrams. R Allsman to do this.

LDM-134 - install SDQA in document. R Allsman to do this.

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by robyn

Attendees, if you notice discrepancies with reality, please update the document. We will all be notified via the trac mailer.

Jacek updated LDM-135.

K-T fixed LSE-82 since it's correct now.

Robyn updated online but not made default updated versions of LDM-133 and LDM-134. Will update default later today.

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  • Cc mfreemon added
  • Status changed from new to closed
  • Resolution set to fixed

Status update:

All documents with conditional approval were updated as needed. They were installed onto docushare as the preferred version.

All other documents in the table were installed into docushare.

The procedural recommendations when submitting a TCT-controlled document to docushare need to be reworked into a policy statement and discussed at the next meeting. I will circulate prior to the meeting.

This ticket has been completed and is hereby closed.

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