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Create a package for mwi 2.0

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Version Number: 2.0
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mwi 2.0 has been tagged. It builds, installs, and tests cleanly under Linux32 with gcc-3.4.6 and opt=0. I believe it will also build correctly on Linux64 with gcc-4.1 and Darwin. Please package it for release.

mwi 1.2 was never packaged. It primarily incorporated ticket #146, exception handling.

mwi 2.0 includes at least the following:

  • Cleanup of mwi/fw split.
  • Fixed problems with alignment and digits of precision in FitsFormatter::formatDataProperty.
  • #129: Policy implementation.
  • #132: Exceptions moved from mwi to fw.
  • #145: Persistence framework implementation.
  • #158: Proper fix for boost::any problems.
  • #164: Citizen gets copy constructor and assignment operator.
  • DbStorage::createTableFromTemplate takes mayAlreadyExist boolean parameter.
  • FitsStorage takes a pathname with optional HDU selector.
  • #168 and #197: Enable Persistables to be converted to (SWIG proxy objects for) application types.
  • Use increased precision for floats and doubles in DbTsvStorage.
  • DbTsvStorage stores char data in TINYINT fields.
  • #173: Enable compilation on Macs.
  • #174: Database authentication credentials taken from Policy, file, or environment; DbAuth? exposed to Python via SWIG.
  • Fixes for Linux64.
  • #189: Support for dates/times in database persistence.
  • DataProperty supports bool, int64_t, and double in Python.
  • Fixed Storage::verifyPathName() to properly create nonexistent directories in a path.
  • Fixed bug in a regexp in mwi::utils::stringToAny.
  • Added support for unordered_map even on machines without C++ TR1 library.
  • Added orderBy() and groupBy() to DbStorage and made DbStorage available to Python.
  • Install doxygen documentation as part of package.
  • #220: Properly handle persistence of non-shared pointers.
  • Inherit publicly from Citizen or LsstBase.
  • #180: Enable use of SupportFactory::createLeafProperty() from Python.
  • #204: Improved Trace and TTrace that have less (or no) overhead.
  • #218: Fixed DataProperty::findUnique() when applied to hierarchies.
  • #208: Fixed Policy::getArray() bug in SWIG.
  • #226: Enable use of DbStorage::setTableListForQuery() from Python.
  • #223: Fix ownership problems with SWIGged smart pointers.
  • #227: Map C++ exceptions to Python exceptions.
  • #178: Fix memory leak of Policies created with createPolicy().
  • Fix bugs in BoostStorage and XmlStorage where streams were not closed.
  • #232: Disable va_list version of Trace in Python.
  • Throw meaningful exceptions if a Persistable is not convertible to the application type.
  • Specify explicit minimum versions of package dependencies.

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