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LSST Software Development

This site is entering a period of transition. The LSST Project has directed all groups to use the same development environment; Atlassian's Confluence and Jira were selected after extensive review. Confluence and Jira provide all that Trac provides: integrated access to the software repository, issues-ticket database (i.e. bug reports and development milestone assignments), and design documents and discussion. Additionally, the new environment provides for improved user-query:expert-response acquisition and retrieval, better support in agile project tracking, and better integration of git repositories.

Although this site serves primarily the Data Management System, the Camera, Observatory, and Simulation teams have used it to a limited degree; their trac 'home page' links follow.

LSST Data Management (DM)


Standards and Policies

Data Challenges

Development Releases Final Reports
Management & Execution Scientists and Users
Summer 2014
Winter 2014 Current Development
Summer 2013
Winter 2013 Winter 2013 Winter 2013 Image Differencing
Summer 2012 Summer 2012 Summer 2012 and Winter 2013 Stripe 82 Processing
DC3 DC3a

Reference and Background Material

Reports and Reviews

  • Status reporting tool
  • Monthly Reports
  • CoDR - Documents related to the management and execution of the Conceptual Design Review.
  • PDR - Documents related to the management and execution of the Preliminary Design Review.
  • FDR - Documents related to the management and execution of the Final Design Review.


Working Groups

Calendars and Directory

New User Setup

How to use Trac

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